Here are the projects which we have been working on:

Die Zeitachse

Timelines created from German news articles

Rap Melayu

Crowd-sourced internet radio with focus on Malay Rap

Music Genre Recognition With Deep Learning

Music genre recognition with Deep Learning

Webis at TREC 2015: Tasks and Total Recall Tracks

Participation of the 24th Text REtrieval Conference (TREC)

Himpunan Peribahasa

Internet's biggest collection of Malay proverbs

Kronologi Malaysia

Timelines created from Malaysian news articles


Intelligent tutorial bookmarking service

News Visualizer

Zoomable text visualization of news

Pelatih Kata

Malay rhyme book

Analysis of Honorary Titles in Malaysia

A visual analysis of the awarding of honorary titles in Malaysia

Gaduh Dengan Si Lain

3D animated short film

D3 Reference

d3 API documentation as an ebook

Amir Meludah

Music production

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